High Ratio Zinc Silicates are the premier coating system for industrial use:


  • Zero VOC’s
  • Over 1500 F degrees of heat resistance
  • One coat solution
  • Can be applied over flash rust
  • Can be topcoated with excellent adhesion properties
  • Excellent performance in salt-water immersion 
  • Fast Dry times 15mins in normal conditions 


Corrosion is constant element that greatly prevents success on a daily basis. 

High Ratio Zinc Silicates have over 50 years of successful military testing and service:

  • Proven as only coating that can survive amphibious assault landings.
  • Proven to control corrosion even when damaged.
  • Proven increased adhesion over flash rust
  • Proven adhesion test exceeding 2500psi
  • A true metalized coating treatment

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